Arrange Objects Wizard

The Arrange Objects Wizard is an automated wizard which enables you to select from three "Arrange Options": 

  • Spring Algorithm
  • Triangulation Algorithm
  • Circular Algorithm

All objects in the Graphical view will be considered and then arranged with these options. See Arranging objects in the Graphical View for more information about all the arrange objects options.

Accessing the Arrange Objects Wizard

To launch the Arrange Objects Wizard:

  1. Select Graphic located on the menu bar, then select Arrange Objects from the drop down menu.
  2. Or use the shortcut key: CTRL+R

The dialog box displayed below will then be launched. Select the arrange style that you prefer by clicking the option button next to the image, and then click the Next> button to launch a sub dialog box for the option chosen.

Algorithm options

Each algorithm option has its own dialog box providing a variety of options each with its own detailed explanation. Two further options are available:

Consider Only Selected Objects If you only want to arrange SOME of the objects in your Graphical View (by default, ALL objects will be arranged) then you need to select these objects prior to selecting the Arrange Objects option from the Graphic menu.

Then once you select the type of Arrange option you want to use, a sub-dialog box will be launched containing the Consider Only Selected Objects check box. When left blank, ALL the objects in the Graphical View will be arranged. When selected, ONLY the objects you selected prior to launching the wizard will be arranged.

Consider Links: Belongs To When selected (as by default), this option will also consider and arrange any Belongs To links present in the Graphical View.
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