VB Environment Profiles

A VB Environment Profile provides the means to configure:

  • Parametrization > For defining Method Parametrization


  • Please note that a selection of pre-defined profiles are available. These cannot be modified.
Creating a profile

After clicking the icon next to VB Environment Profile, a new screen will be displayed enabling you to define a name for the profile and define Parametrization.


  • Enter a name for the Environment Profile. Choose a name that is easily recognizable as this name will be displayed in the left hand collapsible list and will be used when you add the Environment Profile at Application or Analysis Unit level.

The Parametrization tab enables you to define Method Parametrization for your VB jobs so that analyzers can correctly identify links that are created with custom methods.

You can either import existing VB methods from the Analysis Service (results from previous VB analysis jobs that have already been run) or add new custom VB methods or methods that cannot be imported as they do not form part of an existing analysis stored in the Analysis Service. You then need to define your method rules and the action that the analyzer needs to undertake when the method in question is encountered during an analysis.

The parametrization process is complex and as such a much more detailed explanation of the configuration process can be found in Parametrization Environment Profiles.


  • Click the icon to import existing methods from the CAST Analysis Service. The Import dialog box will be displayed.
  • Click the icon to create a new parametrization rule - the Add/Edit Rule dialog box will be displayed.
  • You can add as many Methods as you want (click the icon again).
  • You can use the button to make an identical copy of a selected Method
  • You can use the button to remove a selected Method an its parameterization

To apply the settings, make sure you click the Apply button. If you want to clear the entire window and revert to the default settings, click the Restore button.


When you have defined the current Environment Profile and have used the Apply button to set the parameters, you can then either create further Environment Profiles or simply close the dialog box.

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