Technologies view

This section provides a detailed description of the Technologies view. This view essentially provides a means for you to configure the default analysis options for all technologies supported by the CAST Management Studio. The options defined in each technology will be used to populate the same fields:


  • Making changes to a specific option via this Technologies view will mean all Applications and Analysis Units referencing that specific Technology will "inherit" the same setting
  • If you make a change to a specific option at Application or Analysis Unit level, and then subsequently change the same option via the Technologies view, this setting will NOT be mirrored back to the Application or Analysis Unit - this is because specific settings at Application and Analysis Unit level have precedence if they have been changed from the default setting available in the Technologies view.


The view contains a list of Technologies that are current supported by CAST. Choose the editor you would like to know more about:

Note that some technologies shown in the above image are provided via a CAST AIP Extensions (for example JEE and BusinessObjects) and their options and configuration settings are discussed and documented in the relevant extension documentation.

Technologies view shortcut menus

The following shortcut menu items are available in the view:

Item Selected/No item selected

Edit Use this option to modify the options for the given technology. The corresponding editor will be displayed (see below).
Technologies view buttons

The following buttons are available in the view:

View Menu > Alternative method for accessing toolbar buttons
Minimize > Minimize the entire window
Maximize > Maximize the entire window
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