Preferences - Mail

The Mail settings are described below:

These settings are used to send report emails on completion of a snapshot generation or the run analysis only action if the appropriate option is selected AND you have defined a list of recipients in the Notes tab of the Application editor.

SMTP Server host Enter the SMTP server that will handle the mail for you. This can be:
  • a local or internet based IP address
  • a local Windows host name
  • a fully qualified domain name
Port Set the port number on which your mail server runs. Most mail servers run on port 25, but please check your local environment for more information.

Secure SSL/TLS connections are not supported.

Sender mail address Enter an email address of a user that is permitted to send through the SMTP server defined in the SMTP Server host section.
Authentication Tick Authentication if the target SMTP server requires authentication:
  • Enter a User name - for example this could be an email address or a Windows active directory login (DOMAIN\USER)
  • Enter a Password that corresponds to the User you entered

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