Define a User Defined Module

User Defined Modules are used extensively in the CAST Engineering Dashboard as a means to configure analysis content into meaningful groups or sets - indeed objects cannot be seen in the CAST Engineering Dashboard if they are not part of a Module (whether Automatic or User Defined). As such the editor provides a means to set up an Object Filter on your analysis results source code (using the Technology, Analysis Units, Object Types and Object Names filter criteria) in order to define the content you require. See Modules tab and User Defined Module editor

  • In the Applications view, double click an Application. This will open the Application editor.
  • Select the Modules tab (you must be working in Advanced or Expert mode to see this tab - see Toolbar for more information about changing the User Interface mode):

  • Click the button to add a User Defined Module - CAST recommends having first run an analysis or having generated a Snapshot (this enables you to view the contents of the User Defined Module before you put it into production).
  • If one of the Automatic Module creation options is selected and you do not have any existing User Defined Modules, you will be prompted to choose whether to retain the Automatic Module(s) or remove them all:

  • If you choose Remove, all Automatic Modules will be unticked and none will be created during the next snapshot generation (any existing Automatic Modules will not be removed. If you choose Keep, any Automatic Module selections will be retained.
  • The User Defined Module editor will then be displayed enabling you to configure the module.
  • Enter a name for the User Defined Module - this can be anything. In this example we have used BILLING because the Module will ultimately contain the results of the analyses of a Billing system (server and client technologies).
Simple Object Filter
  • If this is a new User Defined Module, then you should already see an Object Filter called (called "My Object Filter") in the Object Filters list. If not, click the button located above the editor to add an Object Filter:

  • Select the "My Object Filter" entry to display the configuration settings in the sections below:

    • First enter a Name and to identify your Object Filter.
    • Next choose the type of filter you would like to create or a combination of all three:
      • on Technology
      • on Analysis Units
      • on types
      • on names
    • Use the detailed information in the User Defined Module editor to help you configure the filter as required.

Please now do the following:

  • Use the Module content overview and Filter content selection options in the User Defined Module editor to help test the objects that will be part of the User Defined Module.
  • Now check the Validation view and correct any errors you see.
  • Perform a Save All, using the button located on the toolbar. This will save your modifications to the CAST Management Studio database.
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