Modifying the Apache Tomcat temp folder for each AIP Node

Summary: This page describes how to modify the location used for the Apache Tomcat related temp folder for each Node. This action is not required for normal functioning of Console and is therefore only something to be done in specific circumstances (described below).

This documentation is valid only for Console 1.x.


Console uses Apache Tomcat as the back end engine to power its required functionality. For each Node package that is installed, an Apache Tomcat temporary folder is created in the following location:


This default location for "temporary" data may not be suited to your own environment - i.e. you may have your own specific location on disk in which to store temporary data for easy cleanup or management. If this is the case, you can modify the location used by the Node Apache Tomcat instance - see the instructions below.

Change the temporary folder location

The temporary folder location can be changed as follows. If Nodes are running, stop EACH one by closing the CMD or Terminal window or stopping the Windows Service and then open the following file with a text editor on EACH Node:


Locate the following lines in the .properties file:

# Tomcat base directory. If not specified, a temporary directory is used.

Change the path to the desired folder, for example:

# Tomcat base directory. If not specified, a temporary directory is used.

Restart the AIP Nodes - you can either use the shortcut on your desktop or in the Windows start menu

or run (i.e. double click) the following batch file:


or re-start the Windows Service. The new temporary folder will now be used.