Summary: this page explains how to login to Console for the first time and check that all is functioning as expected.


You should now check that Console is running: you may wish to check that access is possible from an unrelated machine on the internal network:


If the setup has been completed successfully, you will see the following:

Login with a user that has the ADMIN role as defined in Keycloak. The startup wizard will be displayed (see Complete start-up wizard - v. 2.x).

Login troubleshooting

No UI or start-up wizard is displayed - whitelabel error page

If you login to Console and receive a "Whitelabel Error Page", the most likely explanation is that none of your configured Nodes have registered themselves in Console (this may be because they are disabled or there are network issues preventing the Node from contacting Console). This is expected behaviour: when no Nodes are available, the Console front-end is disabled since no operations can be actioned.

Invalid parameter: redirect_uri

If you see the following when attempting to login, this means that you are attempting to access Console using a URI which has not been added to Keycloak. If this is the case, add the required URI as explained in Initial login to Keycloak and configure a redirect - v. 2.x:

ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED when running on Docker

If you see the following then the Docker container running the front-end is likely not running correctly:

Use the following command to check the status of the aip-gateway container:

docker ps

In the following example the aip-gateway container (responsible for the Console front-end) is continually restarting indicating an error:

Click to enlarge

Running the following command will bring up the running log for the aip-gateway container, which may provide information about why the container is not running correctly:

docker logs aip-gateway