When you have successfully completed the Install Console and Node packages step, various configuration steps now need to be worked through in order to complete the deployment process:

Step 1Initial login to Keycloak and configure a redirect - v. 2.xThis step is essential to ensure that the front-end Console can be accessed correctly over the internal network.
Step 2Configure authentication and roles using Keycloak - v. 2.xBefore you start using Console, you will need to configure your authentication method and assign roles to users.
Step 3Ensure Nodes are running - v. 2.xThis step ensures that the all Nodes are running. At least one Node must be running before you can complete the "one-time" start-up wizard in Console.
Step 4Initial login to AIP Console - v. 2.x

You should now check that Console is running: you may wish to check that access is possible from an unrelated machine on the internal network. 

Step 5Complete start-up wizard - v. 2.xThis step explains the "one-time" start-up wizard which enables you to configure various mandatory settings. 
Step 6Ensure at least one AIP Node is registered - v 2.xYou should now ensure that your first Node has been successfully registered in Console.
Step 7Configure AIP Node storage folder locations - optional - v. 2.x

This optional step describes how to change the default storage folder locations for each Node.

Step 8Configure your CAST Storage Service or PostgreSQL instances - v. 2.xYou should ensure that you configure any additional CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instances that will be used for your analysis/snapshot schema storage and for your Measurement schema. 
Step 9Determine Extension strategy - v. 2.xThis step ensures that an "extension strategy" is implemented before the first analyses are run. This strategy can be seen as "controlling mechanisms" to prevent or grant access to any official or custom extensions that have been published by CAST. It is not mandatory to make any changes to the default options, however, CAST does recommend that you evaluate the correct strategy for your own environment.