The instructions below are specifically for Console 2.9. In Console ≥ 2.10, the thresholds are configured in the Admin Center - see Administration Center - Settings - Alert Settings.

If you have set custom values for these thresholds using the method described below and you action an in-place upgrade to a more recent release of CAST Console, the custom values will be lost and you will need to re-set them using the UI in the Admin Center.


When an analysis has been completed, CAST Console provides two alerts about files that have not been analyzed - see AIP Console - Job Progress panel - if you receive these alerts, you should investigate why they have been triggered by examining the analysis log files since a large percentage of unanalyzed files can negatively impact your analysis results:

Global alert

Specific "no reason" alert

 The thresholds at which these alerts are triggered (50% for the global alert and 10% for the specific "no reason" alert) are predefined, but can be customized if required. This requires a modification to the Node configuration file. See instructions below.

Step 1 - Edit the properties file

The configuration file is available on EACH Node, therefore if you have more than one Node, you will need to modify the configuration file on each node where you want to configure the Indicator feature:

Enterprise mode ≥ 2.x

Standalone mode ≥ 2.x

Note that the standard configuration is present by default in the %PROGRAMDATA%\CAST\AIP-Node\application.yml or %PROGRAMDATA%\CAST\AIP-Console-Standalone\application.yml file, however, you should always edit the application-default.yml / application-standalone.yml for customization purposes since it overrides the content of application.yml and the file is never overwritten during an upgrade.

Step 2 - Make the changes

Copy the following into the root of the application-default.yml / application-standalone.yml and then make the changes to the thresholds under global and withoutExclusionRule:

    # an alert will be raised when percentage of not analyzed files is more than 50 percent of the files that should be analyzed
    global: 50
    # an alert will be raised when percentage of not analyzed files without having being excluded by a delivery exclusion rule is more than 10 percent of the files that should be analyzed
    withoutExclusionRule: 10

Save the file when you have completed the changes.

Step 3 - Apply configuration changes

Restart the Node / Standalone release to ensure all changes are taken into account.