This documentation is valid only for Console ≥ 2.6.3.


The "framework detector" is a tool used by Console and run on each Node to determine the contents of a source code folder during the fast scan/version delivery process. The tool is executed in the Content Discovery step:

By default this tool is configured to run for 90 minutes and when this is reached, Console will stop the process, thereby causing the fast scan or code delivery step to fail:

If your source code folder is very large, the 90 minute timeout can be increased by modifying a parameter in the Node .properties file. See instructions below.

Customize the timeout

Locate and edit the following properties file:

Enterprise mode: %PROGRAMDATA%\CAST\AIP-Node\application-default.yml
Standalone mode: %PROGRAMDATA%\CAST\AIP-Console-Standalone\application-standalone.yml

Enterprise mode:

  • The configuration file is available in EACH Node in Enterprise mode, therefore if you have more than one Node, you will need to modify the configuration file on each Node where you want to customize the framework detector timeout.
  • This configuration is present by default in the %PROGRAMDATA%\CAST\AIP-Node\application.yml file, however, you should always edit the application-default.yml for customization purposes since it overrides the content of application.yml and the file is never overwritten during an upgrade of the Node.

Copy the following into the file (if it is not already present) and modify the 90 on the line timeout: this determines the timeout in minutes:

         # this timeout should be provided in minutes, by default it is 90 minutes
         timeout: 90

Save the file and then restart the Node(s) (enterprise mode) or Console (standalone mode) so that the change is taken into account.