This information is valid only for 1.x (≥ 1.14.x) releases of Console.

Summary: this page describes how to configure a specific access URL for Console.


By default, Console will be accessible with the following URL:


However, you can modify this to add a specific context in to the URL, for example:


Configuration steps are described below.

Step 1 - Edit the configuration file

A configuration file ( contains a section specifically to make this change. First locate this file:


Edit the file with a text editor and locate the following line:


Define the custom context by adding a forward slash and then the context name. For example:


This will give an access URL as follows:


Step 2 - Apply configuration changes

Restart the Console to ensure all changes are taken into account:

  • If the Console is installed as a Windows Service, restart the service
  • If the Console is running only using the batch file, close the CMD window to stop the process, then restart then using the following file: