Summary: this section provides information about using the compute action when working with Function Points or Transactions in Console.


When you have completed the transaction/function point calibration process, you now need to Compute the results. Essentially this means forcing the CAST algorithm to recalculate the Automatic Function Point (AFP) values for objects that are:

  • already in the results and you have changed the FP value/type
  • new objects that will be detected using the custom rules you have created

By default, Console will assume various default settings. Please see Computation settings for more information.

Using the option

To use the Compute option, click the yellow icon in the bottom right corner:

  • Transactions > Use the Rules panel
  • Function Points > Use the:
    • Settings panel
    • Enhancement panel

Click to enlarge:

You will be prompted to proceed:

The action will then start:

When complete, new data will be available in all panels within the Transactions or Function Points areas.