By default, extensions that are required for analysis purposes are downloaded by CAST Console and stored in the following location on each Node connected to Console:


This folder can become quite large after a long period of time where successive releases of CAST Extensions are downloaded and stored and therefore you may need to change where the extensions are stored.

Changing the storage location

The extension storage location is set on a per Node basis, therefore if you want to change the location to a shared network folder, you must make the change described below on all Nodes.

Update CastGlobalSettings.ini

The location used to store extensions on each Node is governed by the following properties file:


Open this file with a text editor and find the following entry:

; Set folder containing plugins
; CAST_PLUGINS_ROOT_PATH=%ProgramData%\CAST\CAST\Extensions\

Uncomment the second line and provide a new path in which to store the extensions, for example a shared repository:

; Set folder containing plugins

Save the file.

Copy the extensions to the new location

To save time during future analyses, you should now copy all the extensions from the old location to the new. If you know that some extensions or specific extension releases are no longer used, you can omit them from the copy.

Restart all CAST applications

To ensure that the changes are fully taken into account, you should restart all CAST applications before starting a new analysis.