Summary: documentation for the Security panel in the Console Administration Center.

This panel is only visible in Console 1.x. In more recent releases, roles are managed in SSO/Keycloak. See Configure authentication and roles using Keycloak - v. 2.x.

Accessing the Security panel

Login with a user account that already has the Admin role and switch to the Admin Center:

Now move to the Security panel:

Options available in the Security panel are global to the entire Console, i.e. all Applications managed in Console.

Global Roles

The Global Roles section is used to assign security roles at a global level to users or groups. Roles grant specific permissions to users or groups - see Administration Center - Security - User Roles for more information.

  • each line in the list represents a user or group and the roles they have been assigned
  • you can also:
    • assign roles
    • edit existing role assignments
    • delete existing role assignments

Click to assign a role to an existing user or group of users. See Administration Center - Security - User Roles.

Use this option to edit an existing role that has been assigned to a user or group of users. You can change the roles that the user/group has been assigned:

Click to delete the role assignment. Doing so will remove the permissions assigned to the user/group via the role.