AIP Console - User interface

This section describes the Console user interface and the options that are available:

Navigation options

FeedbackClicking this option will open a direct link to CAST's ticketing system where you can open a new ticket or provide feedback.


A warning symbol will flash to indicate a variety of different issues:

  • The CAST Storage Server/PostgreSQL instance associated to a Node is not responding or the connection has been lost
  • Disk space is lower than 10GB on a Node
  • A Node cannot access the designated CAST Extend server
  • A license key is about to expire
  • A new release of Console/Node is available for installation
  • Date of maintenance is about to expire - this means several things:
    • indicates the date after which support will no longer be provided
    • no access to the CAST Extend website (auto install extension step will fail, no further manual download of any product/components, Console/Imaging etc.)
    • if using Extend Local Server, any extensions that are already downloaded will still continue to work as will Extend Local Server itself.
  • The Highlight token has expired (see Administration Center - Settings - CAST Highlight Settings)

Clicking the warning symbol will display a popup providing more details about the issue, for example:


Provides a list of notifications for actions that have been completed in Console, for example, adding an Application, running an analysis etc. Starting 2.8log messages with an error severity level encountered in any job run by CAST Console, will also be reported as notifications.

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User related options


Change language

Use the option to switch between available languages for the GUI:


Displays the current version numbers of Console:

If a new release of Console is available, the menu will update as follows:

Log outUse this option to log out of your Console session.