Resolved issues

When attempting to download a report generated by an extension, in Application > Details > Overview, a white page was displayed and the report was not downloaded. This bug has been fixed in 1.8.1.


New features



Architecture Checker

It is now possible for users to view and edit architecture models within AIP Console via a dedicated editor. See Editing and updating an existing model in Application - Config - Architecture.

Note: In this release, users can only update a model that has been previously uploaded. It is not possible to create a model from scratch yet.
User Input Security

Users can activate the User Input Security dataflow analysis for both JEE and .NET technologies. A dedicated page displays findings (user input sources, user input targets, and flaws for each supported security rules) and major events that occurred during the dataflow analysis. Viewing findings requires AIP 8.3.10 to be installed on the analysis node.

Log management

The log manager displays indicators to help users to see where errors and warnings have been raised. It will also provide the list of missing source files.

Automated Enhancement PointsThe technical artifacts that contributed to AETP are now displayed in the Enhancement page.
CAST Support Export toolThe CAST Support export tool, known as Sherlock, can be activated from the Application Details in the Admin Center.
Analysis configuration improvementIt is now possible to configure some options at Application level instead of having to do it Analysis Unit by Analysis Unit.
DLM filtering rules file at global levelIn case particular DLM filtering rules must be systematically applied to all Applications, and to allow quick application onboarding without any manual operations, it is now possible to select a DLM.XML file in the Admin Center.
Modules improvementUser can now specify how Modules must be defined (Full Content or Per Anaysis Unit).
Filters in the Extensions pageThe user can apply filters to quickly see which extensions discovered from delivered source code and which extensions have been forced.
Source code delivery management
  • The CAST-SourceCodeZipScanner tool is now integrated into AIP Console. As a consequence it is no longer required to patch the installation of AIP.
  • Maven packages are automatically created

Known issues

WEBI-4207Duplicated Analysis unit for JEE source code containing eclipse and maven files
WEBI-4087Admin user (before configuring dashboard in integrated mode) can't access the dashboard for an application which is created by non-admin user.

After migration - with no snapshot the Transaction page is empty

workaround : Compute FP


Limitation on Free definition edition : Usage of Property by Type and Category is not completely covered in this version.

Its not possible to create a rule with Property -Type/ Property -Category.


Transaction Configuration: If application source code contains objects whose name or full-name contains characters of different languages like French, Chinese, etc. whose characters are not part of the computer's default character set then the "Check content" option for that rule and the "Check all content" option will fail with an error and are unable to display the list of objects generated by the rule/rules.

However this doesn't impact the final results from Snapshot or Function Point computation.


See Deployment requirements.

How to report issues and feedback

Please report and issue or feedback to the product manager, Damien Charlemagne (d.charlemagne@castsoftware.com).