New features



Installation improvementMeasurement database is now automatically installed. Measurement is unique to Applications inside AIP Console
Extension Management improvement
  • Extensions can now be selected as mandatory to be installed for any snapshots of any applications
  • When I add extensions in the white list, the available extensions are aligned with the range identified before (only LTS, only LTS & funcrel, all extensions)
  • All product extensions can be added in one time to the white list
  • The version of an extension in the white list is defined and frozen when first time the extension is installed in the platform.
  • For an application, if a required extension for analysis is not available in the white list, or the version identified is not the same as defined in the white list, then the user will be notified
  • Strategy to interact with CAST Extend has been changed to be located in the Platform API (on Analysis node), the analysis nodes require to have an access to internet(later, if access to internet can't be possible, then CAST Extend will have to be installed locally at customer place)
Add Version operation has been improved
  • New packaging configuration are automatically managed with the zip file option
    • Identify different types of technologies in the zip file and create different packages automatically
    • Identify the DMT discoverers and install automatically
    • Identify the analyzer extensions and install automatically
  • A new simple "Add version" popup is available, rescan option is replaced by "Same configuration as the previous version " option


  • When using the "Add version" automatic delivery process, there is no way to edit the version after
  • User should not mix the Donwload DMT and add version mode for the same application
  • There are still few technologies which are not covered by the automatic process, like Tibco, gradle etc.
Automated Enhancement Points counts
  • A new page has been added (Function Points / Enhancement) to display the total number of Automated Enhancement Points (AEP) with the sub-totals for the functional part (AEFP) and the technical part (AETP) of the application. The page also displays the lists of transactional functions and data functions that have been enhanced in a given snapshot.
The transaction rule editor has been enhanced
  • The transaction configuration rule editor has been improved to make it simpler to use.
Logs improvement
  • Logs produced during the application processing are also accessible from the application Overview page
  • Log summary is now available to display the count of errors and warnings, and the number of missing source files (this is available for JEE, Mainframe, .Net and C++ technologies)
  • The list of missing source files can be downloaded (this is available for JEE, Mainframe, .Net and C++ technologies)
  • Job start time and duration are mentioned
  • Steps can be filtered to get only those with issues
Backup / RestoreBackup an application(create a restore point) and restore the application to a previous state
'internal SSO' between AIP Console & Dashboards

Dashboards are now integrated with AIP Console so that you don't need to authenticate between AIP Console and Health or Engineering Dashboards. user management from AIP Console is centralized for authentication only.(not for role and authorization)

Limitation: there is no way to drill down from Health Dashboard to Engineering Dashboard.

Known issues



Duplicated Analysis unit for JEE source code containing eclipse and maven files


After first analyse done with full content module when changing it to module per analysis units makes the second analyse failed


Some UA languages can make the first analyse failed and the log message is not clear for user to take next action for fix the issue


API: Unable to create a custom AU for Universal technology at first time.

>Don't create custom Universal AU, just run the analysis first time which will install the required extension(in this case its Python)
>Now, you will get the Python in the Language list of Custom AU creation Dialog.


Admin user (before configuring dashboard in integrated mode) can't access the dashboard for an application which is created by non-admin user.


See Deployment requirements.

How to report issues and feedback

Please report and issue or feedback to the product manager, Damien Charlemagne (d.charlemagne@castsoftware.com).