New features



Download Backup
  • the list of Backups done is now available and can be downloaded
Extensions administration
  • List of Extension can be managed in the Administration area. Identify which extensions can be used for the scope of applications and then decide to lock the version of the extension when it's started to be used by one of the application analysis. There is no upgrade management yet available and this is not possible to select which extensions will have to used for each app (next release)
Log viewer
  • A new section has been added to the application's Overview page to allow user to navigate on all the log files produced when processing the application.
  • Log files are accessed by jobs and steps corresponding to the different actions that have been performed.
Rescan option
  • When using the option DMT as a Service, if a first version has already been done, then it is possible to start a new version using the same configuration of DMT packaging from previous version. Important: source code must have been place at the right location (no option yet to upload if via the interface)
Transaction Configuration Rules
  • The rule editor now supports Caller/Callee blocks.
  • It is now possible to activate/deactivate a selection of rules in 1 click.
Automated Enhancement Points
  • User can see an overview of Enhancement Points count.
Architecture update
  • The architecture of the AIP Console has been reviewed to support the new DMT as Service feature and mechanism to generate a snapshot from a zip file. Analysis node must be able to access to the CAST Extend server which was not the case before (Console Front-End was only connected to the CAST Extend server url)
Jobs split
  • The "Create snapshot & Publish to Health Dashboard" step has been split into 2 distincts steps to support in the future a validation step between them. g

Resolved issues

A message box appears while checking transaction configuration rules

While checking transaction configuration rules a message box may open on the server, preventing AIP Console to work.


In transaction configuration rule editor, popup menus do not always close

It is possible to click on several action buttons for different rule elements and the resulting popup menus get overlapped.


Known issues



Front-end notification system does not show "Compute Function Points" job name in notifications.

"Extension Discovery Service" is not available by Extension or public internet access. It can be used internally to CAST only or can be deployed based on a github project.

It is no longer possible to define additional extensions for use during a snapshot in a .json file. This feature has been withdrawn pending a new feature which will be developed in a future release.

In the meantime, if you need to use additional extensions at snapshot time, please use the Extension management interface and install the extensions manually.


If there is no snapshot computed for an application or there are no transactions identified for that application (although there is a snapshot), then the Function Points > Overview page is displayed empty and with an error.


SeeĀ Deployment requirements.

How to report issues and feedback

Please report and issue or feedback to the product manager, Damien Charlemagne (d.charlemagne@castsoftware.com).