New features



DMT as a Service (alpha version)

After registering an application, it is now possible to upload a ZIP file containing the source code for analysis instead of downloading the DMT and delivering in the traditional way. You can choose whether to generate a snapshot or just to deliver a version when you upload the ZIP. If you decide to deliver a version, you can then switch to the traditional DMT.

For this new feature, all the DMT steps will be managed in the Back End Platform API analysis node.

This feature works only with very simple ZIP files containing source code (only one DMT file system package will be created).

Manual Backup

It is possible to manually backup an application only by an admin user in the admin area.

Free Definition Rule editor: support Generic Sets

The Free Definition Rule editor now allows the creation/modification of Generic Sets that can be used in transaction configuration rules. Documentation.

Free Definition Rule editor: UX improvement

User must confirm when clicking the "Quit" icon without saving changes. Documentation.

Display more information on Transactions table

Minor improvement to display the number of invalid transactions in the corresponding table header. Documentation.

Architecture model on-demand check

User can now check whether a model is present in the list of uploaded models against the current Application. The result is displayed in a dialog showing a table with Caller / Callee / Link records. Documentation.

SAML supportAIP Console now supports SAML authentication. Documentation.

Resolved issues

Remove regressions in Transactions and Function Points page.

The export to CSV action in Transactions and Function Points tables was not exporting all the elements. The issue has been fixed and the feature works as designed.

Known issues



Front-end notification system does not show "Compute Function Points" job name in notifications.
-"Extension Discovery Service" is not available through public internet access. It can be used internally to CAST only or can be deployed based on a github project.


When clicking the ellipsis button of a selection criterion in the Free Definition Rule editor, the popup does not disappear when you click elsewhere.


SeeĀ Software requirements.

How to report issues and feedback

Please report and issue or feedback to the product manager, Damien Charlemagne (d.charlemagne@castsoftware.com).