1.23 - Simplified Delivery mode overview


AIP Console 1.23 introduces a feature known as "Simplified Delivery mode" which has been implemented for those users that want to deliver source code from one single unique location - i.e. a dedicated folder - and do not want to retain any version delivery history for future rescans. This feature is only available via the AIP Console Automation tools (the Jenkins plugin and the CLI tool) available here: https://github.com/CAST-Extend/com.castsoftware.aip.console.tools. The option is implemented as follows:

Jenkins plugin

When creating a new Application, enable the Deliveries History option:

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CLI automation tool

When creating a new application, use the --inplace-mode true option:

java -jar .\aip-console-tools-cli.jar new -n "name-of-the-application" --inplace-mode true --apikey="some-valid-API-key"

Impact in AIP Console of an Application created with "Simplified Delivery mode"

When an Application is created with In Place Delivery mode enabled via either of the automation tools and you then subsequently use AIP Console to consult the Application, the following impacts will be seen:

Add new version button disabled

The Add new version button will be disabled in both the AIP Console - Application Management and the Application - Versions pages (a banner message will also be displayed explaining the situation):

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Version management options disabled

Some version management options will be disabled in the Application - Versions page:

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Run analysis/snapshot - version selector disabled

The version selector will be disabled when you attempt to run an analysis or a snapshot:

Technical information

  • If you choose to enable the "Simplified Delivery mode" via the automation tools for an application:
    • it is not possible to change to the standard delivery mode.
    • it is not possible to then subsequently deliver a new version for this Application using the AIP Console UI (i.e. upload a ZIP file or use the Administration Center - Settings - Source Folder Location option). You must deliver new versions via the automation tools.
  • If you delete a version in the AIP Console UI that has been delivered with Simplified Delivery mode, you cannot set a new current version in AIP Console - instead you should use the automation tools to deliver a new version.
  • Some source code requires preprocessing (e.g. PL1, RPG400 (DB400), results of the CAST Database Extractor, etc.) - if this source code is delivered in "Simplified Delivery mode", then AIP Console will use either the deploy or upload folders so that the original source code is not altered in any way.

Current known issue

Outdated uaxDirectory extraction files are not automatically migrated to make them up-to-date. Therefore running the analysis will result in a failure with invalid uaxDirectory error reported.