New features



New generation CAST Extend

AIP Console v ≥ 1.10.0 requires credentials and access to a new release of CAST Extend. Credentials are inputted during the installation process. Please therefore create an account here for use with AIP Console:

Credentials have not been ported from the "legacy" CAST Extend service at https://extend.castsoftware.com/V2/, therefore using existing credentials will result in failed operations in AIP Console.
Off-line Extend
  • Extend can be installed as a local service
  • AIP Console can connect either to CAST Extend site or to the local extend service (no need to authentication)
Note that the offline Extend package is currently in BETA and therefore CAST does not provide any official support.
Automation Tools
  • In context of CI/CD integration
  • A executable program to manage automated processing is delivered with AIP Console
  • A Jenkins plug-in is available to illustrate how AIP Console can be integrated into an automatic process
Source Code Delivery, Discovery and Packaging
  • Application source code can be delivered as a zipped file (ZIP, TAR-GZ)
  • When adding a new source code version, user can specify source files that must be excluded from the delivery, by defining patterns and by selecting files and folders explicitly
    • User is able to modify the exclusions and repackage the version even after delivery
    • The list of exclusions being part of the source code configuration, it can be automatically reused in next versions
  • Analysis Units are now automatically created for Universal Technologies such as Python, Swift, Tibco etc.
Architecture Checker
  • User can create new models in AIP Console
  • It is possible to download existing models
  • User can check models directly in the model editor and see:
    • where violations are
    • how many links have been detected for each violation
    • the list of links in violation
    • the source code for each link with the corresponding bookmark
Application Version Filtering
  • The AIP Console homepage has been enhanced to provide filters on application versions status
  • It is possible to expand/collapse lines corresponding to applications to see the associated versions
  • User can freeze versions in the application Versions page to mark them as validated
UI Improvement
  • Various improvements have been done on the User Interface to increase its usability
AIP Node and AIP Console packages as Windows Services
  • AIP Node and AIP Console can be now installed as Windows Services
  • Using AIP Node as a Windows Service requires AIP 8.3.13 to be installed
If you choose to install the AIP Console package as a Windows Service, it is not currently possible to initiate the bootstrap mode with this Windows Service. Please continue to use the batch shortcut or batch file.
  • User can generate API key and use it when calling the API of AIP Console instead of using username and password.

Analysis Node information

  • User can see the hardware information (CPU, RAM, Disk space) when selecting a Node

Known issues



Duplicated Analysis unit for JEE source code containing eclipse and maven files.

in 1.10.0. if this case happens, user is able to manually disable/enable the analysis units


Admin user (before configuring dashboard in integrated mode) can't access the dashboard for an application which is created by non-admin user.


After migration - with no snapshot the Transaction page is empty

the limitation exists only for AIP version before 8.3.11

workaround : Compute FP


Architecture checker editor-Check Model:

in some cases the nb of bookmarks don't match the list of bookmarks.


Architecture checker editor-Check Model:

User Should always Save the model before a Check Model Action, otherwise when checking the model the unsaved changes will be lost .


See Software requirements.

How to report issues and feedback

Please report and issue or feedback to the product manager, Damien Charlemagne (d.charlemagne@castsoftware.com).