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This guide is intended for Application Teams that need to submit an application for analysis with CAST AIP. This short video provides a high level introduction to how the CAST tools (AIC Portal and the Delivery Manager Tool (DMT) ) support the extraction, validation, and delivery of application source code for analysis in CAST AIP.

How do I deliver my application’s source code for analysis?

This section provides an overview of the code delivery process, a step by step guide to using the CAST Delivery Manager Tool. For an overview of the Source code delivery see Source Code Delivery Process.

Key Points For Using DMT:

  • Press the REFRESH button immediately upon starting DMT every time.

  • Additional DMT configuration instructions which must be taken into account are included in the relevant pages under Application Source Code Extraction section.

  • DMT file system paths must point to a subfolder you must create, per DMT package name, under your application’s code drop location which will contain the relevant source code copied there.

  • Passwords specified in DMT the Remember Password setting must be set to SERVER for future automation purposes.

  • Single Sign On credentials (Username and Password) must NOT be used.

Source code delivery step-by-step

Review the following pages for a general step by step walk-through of the DMT delivery process. Check section 3.2. for detailed instruction on how to the deliver your technology specific source code package:

How to extract and package a database schema

How to extract and deliver the Application source code


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