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When upgrading to AIP 8.2.3 a Dashboard service (Central Base, CB) from any AIP version prior to 8.2.3 and when the Dashboard service is hosted on an Oracle database server, upgrade of Dashboard service fails with following Oracle error: 

ORA-02260: table can have only one primary key



Before launching the upgrade with CAST Upgrade Tool (CUT) or Server Manager, update file <installation folder>\InstallScripts\Common\ADG_VIEWER\table_adg_viewer.xml: 

Move following scopetables from scope CORE_VIEWER to CORE_VIEWER_WORK: 

<scopetable name="VIEWER_BENCHMARK"/> 
<scopetable name="VIEWER_WORKTABLE"/> 
<scopetable name="VIEWER_WORKTABLE2"/> 
<scopetable name="VIEWER_SESSION_ID"/>


This issue will be fixed in 8.2.4. (Internal ID: SCRAIP-25219).

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