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When using the release CAST 8.3.6, there have been cases where snapshot performance decreases.

In one case, this even led to a crash during the snapshot process. 

There are multiple performance issues that may lead to a crash in the Central Base, the most important ones being:

  1. during the computation of the tree
  2. during some post steps of the snapshot consolidation 

The issue depends on the application geometry, but generally if the application has a large number of analysis units, this behavior is likely to be observed, so the patch should be applied. 

There is no impact on results, with the application of this patch;  it is just a performance improvement patch. 

To resolve this issue, apply the attached 836_snapshot_performance.sql file to the CAST local knowledge base and then rerun a snapshot.  No need to rerun the analysis for this patch. 

This issue has already been fixed in 8.3.7.

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