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The RDA is a set of command line diagnostic scripts that are executed by an engine.

The RDA is used to gather detailed information about an Oracle environment; the data gathered is in turn used to aid in problem diagnosis.

The output is also useful for seeing the overall system configuration.

Oracle Support encourages the use of RDA because it provides a comprehensive picture of the customer's environment.

This can greatly reduce service request resolution time by minimizing the number of requests from Oracle Customer Support for more information.

RDA is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible;it does not modify systems in any way, it only collects useful data for Oracle Customer Support.


Some customer may have the RDA already installed.

So you can directly ask them to generate report and attach it to the call.
Otherwise, the INSTALLATION and RUNNING INSTRUCTIONS are provided in the RDA zip file. These instructions depend on operating system handling the Oracle server (Windows, Linux ...).

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