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This page provides information about how to run the JDBC tester to check whether the JDBC connection is working.

When to use the tool

We can use this tool when a connection to a database server is failing either in CAST MS when attempting to connect to a management database or Delivery Manager Tool when extracting a database.

Applicable in CAST Version
  1. Retrieve the latest version of the JDBC Tester Tool here : CAST-JDBCTester.jar
  2. Execute the JDBC tester by executing the CAST-JDBCTesterGUI.jar. It will open the JDBC Tester GUI as shown below :
  1. Select the advanced mode : click View and select Advanced mode as shown below :

  2. Select the JDBC Driver you would like to test the connectivity for :     
  3.  Once you have selected the JDBC driver, fill the credential: the Server URL, the user name, and the password as shown below:     
  4. In the advanced tab, put a query to be run by the JDBC connector as shown below :  
  5. Then, click Run and check the connection log file as shown below :   
  6. You need to make sure to match the encryption parameters (Properties) as the customer server configuration for the Oracle server 
  7. If the above steps do not solve your issue please contact CAST Technical Support       
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