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Purpose of Query

This page proposes a way to VACUUM FULL all the tables of a schema. This SQL command can help to improve the performance while executing queries, for more detailed description refer to Postgres - VACUUM

Applicable CAST Version
Query for CSS


  1. Generate the Full vaccum queries:

    SELECT 'vacuum full ' 
           || table_name 
           || ';' 
    FROM   information_schema.tables 
    WHERE  table_schema = 'delta_local' 
    ORDER  BY table_schema, 

    Here is an example of results vacumm_sample.txt


  2. Create an sql file

  3. Put the following in the created file:

    set search_path = :schema;
  4. Copy past the result of the query generated in point 1 in the sql file

  5. Remove all the guillemets from the file
  6. Trace the beginning of the vacuum full tables

  7. Open CMD

  8. Go to the location <CAST_install_director>\CSSAdmin\3rdParties\x64

  9. Run the following command line:

    psql --host <hostname> -p<port> -U <username> -v schema=<schema_name> -f "<sql file generated in step 1>" -d postgres -L <log file>

    where <hostname> is the host, <username> is the username, <schema_name> is the name of the schema <sql file generated in step 1> is the sql file generated in step 1, <log file> is log file that you can scpecified


    psql --host localhost -p2280 -U operator -v schema=delta_local -f "C:\Users\myname\Documents\test.sql" -d postgres -L C:\Users\myname\Documents\test.log
  10. In order to validate that the operation is successful, refer to the generated log file.

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