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Different tools are available to have HTTPS headers. below are some examples:

  • HttpFox : Firefox only, free to use
  • HttpWatcher : IE & Firefox, not free
  • IEInspector HTTP Analyzer : IE & Firefox, not free
  • dynaTrace AJAX Edition: IE only, free to use

So, with dynaTrace AJAX Edition:

  1. Start dynaTrace AJAX Edition
  2. Click on "Start Tracing". IE starts.
  3. Open the ADG URL and login
  4. Navigate in ADG in IE
  5. Switch to the dynaTrace window
  6. In the left part of the window, navigate in the tree in browser > HTTP server name > Network.
  7. Double click on "Network" . You get the list of the all the URLs loaded by IE.
  8. Click on the line you are interested in and the request and response headers are displayed in the text field right under this window pane.
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