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What's new?

Please see Environment Profiles Migrator - Release Notes for more information.


The purpose of this tool is to migrate custom environment profiles from a triplet to another triplet.

This is particularly useful during migration of a triplet to a different CAST version, as Server Manager deletes custom environment profiles  during the process.

The tool is made of :

  • an export batch (export.bat)
  • an import batch (import.bat)
  • a synchronization Groovy script (SynchronizeEnvironmentProfiles.cgroovy), called by the import batch

In the case of a migration, the user should :

  1. Export the custom environment profiles from the triplet to an AEX file, using export.bat
  2. Migrate the triplet using Server Manager
  3. Import the custom environment profiles from the AEX file to the newly migrated triplet, using import.bat

This tool is provided by Maintenance Team, and published as an extension

Applicable in CAST Version
Applicable RDBMS


 Follow the below prerequisites before running the tool:


CAST-AIP must be installed on the server(s) where you launch the scripts.


  • Take a backup of the source triplet before proceeding.
  • Take a backup of the target triplet if it is not the same as the source triplet.


The export and import batch file script must be configured with the following variables : FLATDIR, LOGDIR, AEXDIR, HOSTNAME, PORT, KBNAME, CONNECTION_PROFILE

Configuration - import.bat
set "FLATDIR=<CAST AIP Installation PATH>"
set "LOGDIR=<Path to the log file>"
set "AEXDIR=<Path to the aex file>"
set HOSTNAME=<Database Server Name>
set PORT=<Database Port Number>
set KBNAME=<Analysis Service Name>
set "CONNECTION_PROFILE=<Connection Profile>"

FLATDIR must be set to the CAST Installation path
LOGDIR must be set to the folder where the log file should be generated
AEXDIR must be set to the folder where the AEX file containing the exported custom environment profiles should be generated
HOSTNAME, PORT, and KBNAME are the connection data to the Analysis Service Database containing the custom environment profiles
CONNECTION_PROFILE is the connection profile to the target Management Service Database (import.bat only)

NB : Of course, AEXDIR has to be the same in both batch files, else they will not refer to the same AEX file.

Migrate custom environment profiles


After configuring the batches :

  1. Launch the export batch
  2. In case of a CAST version migration, migrate your triplet using Server Manager
  3. Launch the import batch

You can now check that the custom environment profiles were properly imported to the target Analysis Service Database by opening CAST-MS on the target connection profile, by right-clicking the Analysis Service and selecting Manage Environment Profiles (see below)

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