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This page provides information on the tool EmptyJava, which in a given folder spots any Java file that is fully commented, and replaces it with an empty file with file extension *.test

It is useful as such a fully commented file generates Fatal Error "Unable to process JSP analysis" in 7.3.x (x < 10)


The file can be found here :  Empty JAVA.7z 

Steps :

  1. Choose the folder you suspect contains fully-commented files (see example below) :

    Figure 1

  2. Extract the tool, and open a CMD

  3. Run the tool using command-line :

    Run the Tool in command-line
     Java -cp DeleteEmptyJavaFiles.jar "source_path"
  4. The tool will tell you if it processed some files :

    Figure 2

  5. The file was renamed, so it will not be parsed by the analyzer : no more Fatal Error

Figure 3





The issue with fully commented java files is solved in 7.3.10, 8.1 and 8.2

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