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Feature Improvements

SLK-609 manage connection to PostgreSQL on a database not named "postgres"manage connection to PostgreSQL on a database not named "postgres"



A significant number of exception issues has been taken care of  including the ones involving fetching delivery, deploy, war folders from the user environment.

Also, there is a change in how we use to take the backup of the bases. No more are we making any changes in the live environment:

  • On any schema, there is  no change if there is no modification in the parameters provided in cssbackup
  • With the new -stripsources parameter you can
    • check whether the source tables are not in the dump.
    • check whether the CSSCODE_ tables are in the dump, without source.
    • check whether the dump restore works fine.
    • check whether the structure is not modified (including indexes names, and namespaces).
  • Also, you can use new servman checker command line.

Resolved Issues

JIRA ticket idIssue typeSummary of the issue


Customer BugError during delivery folders gathering. (The filename or extension is too long)


ImprovementImproved 'Export specific databases' option


Customer BugException while running CST


BugFixed all the warnings generated while building CST


ImprovementChanged the design of the way CST take backup


BugDynamicLinkManager.cli stopped working when the server name is passed in lowercase in the SSLParameter.ini file, so the same has to be implemented in CST


TaskCST9.0.1 version to upload in extend

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