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Purpose of Query

The SQL query in this page lists the artifacts of the type - database.

Applicable CAST Version
8.3.x (tick) 
8.2.x (tick) 
8.1.x (tick) 
8.0.x (tick) 
7.3.x (tick) 
Applicable RDBMS
Oracle Server (tick)
Microsoft SQL Server (question)
CSS2 (tick)
Query for CSS
FROM   Typ
WHERE  idtyp IN
                 ( SELECT DISTINCT ObjTyp
                 FROM             Keys
                 WHERE            IDKEY IN
                                  ( SELECT object_id
                                  FROM    dssapp_sql_artifacts
Query result example

102;"JV_METHOD";"Java Method";"ACTIVE "
103;"JV_FIELD";"Java Field";"ACTIVE "
138183;"CAST_Oracle_View";"Oracle view";"ACTIVE "
138220;"CAST_Oracle_DML_Trigger";"Oracle dml trigger";"ACTIVE "
138244;"CAST_Oracle_Procedure";"Oracle procedure";"ACTIVE "
138245;"CAST_Oracle_Function";"Oracle function";"ACTIVE "

Query result interpretation
DSSAPP_SQL_ARTIFACTS is filled with databases artifacts (stored procedures, triggers, views, functions...) and other artifacts that use databases artifacts. For instance in the above query results we can see that the types Java Method , Java Field, Oracle view, Oracle dml trigger, Oracle procedure and Oracle function are database types.
Query for Oracle
Same as CSS
Query result example
 Same as CSS
Query result interpretation
 Same as CSS
Query for SQL server
To be done
Query result example
 To be done
Query result interpretation
 To be done

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