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This page explains how to reproduce issues with Report Generator

Note: The Report Generator has become a stand alone component since the release of Report generator 1.0.3 . You will not find the versions released after this in the CAST Installation folder and should be downloaded as per steps under - Where can I obtain the CAST Report Generator?

Applicable in CAST Version
8.3.x (tick)
Applicable RDBMS
CSS 4(tick) 
CSS 3(tick) 
CSS 2 (tick) 
Action plan

Perform the following steps to reproduce the Report generator issues -

  1. In order to proceed with the below steps, get the Relevant input
  2. Import the central database
  3. If the issue is while validating the RestAPI URL then use the war provided by the customer and use a Sample Central database. For either cases Deploy the CAST-RestAPI.war from the CAST installation directory and use the Central Database fetched by Sherlock export, see Installing and configuring the CAST-RestAPI.war for more information
  4. Activate the Show SQL traces by following the steps in the page Health Dashboard - Information - How to activate SQL traces on AAD and RestAPI logs
  5. If the issue is with the GUI of the report generator then launch the Report Generator and observe the issue.
  6. If your issue is in the generated report then Click on Generate report by selecting the appropriate template
  7. Identify the query leading to the issue using the steps given in the page - Report Generator - Information - How to identify SQL query related to a specific block in the report generator

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