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This page provides the information on how to configure a user in Report Generator for a particular URI. Following is a screenshot to provide a clear idea about where the configuration is to be done.

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Report Generator is a component that generates reports with the help of Rest API. It uses the REST API URI's to query the details from the database and provide the output in the form of reports.

But, the usernames that are used in Report Generator to login and carry out reports are configured in the WAR File of REST API. When you have configured the users inside the WAR of Rest API, it plays a very big part on the role of the user with which you are registering a Web Service in the Report Generator.

There are two roles that can be configured in the file of REST API's WAR under WEB-INF\


If you have configured both of these roles in the WAR file, then they can be used to register the Web Service on Report Generator.

But once you have registered a particular user to a particular URL, then no other user can be registered to that same URL. For example:

Username: cast

Is registered with the URL"http://abhw8lap:8080/CAST-RESTAPI80/rest". Now no other user can be registered with this same URL. It will give the following message on the Report Generator GUI:

"The Web Service already exists"

Also, please note that if the URL is activated in the Settings page as shown below:

Then, it does not matter if you login in as some other user on the main page of the Report Generator. Report Generator will use the registered user to login into Rest API and it will use it's ROLES to carry out the reports.

So, if the registered user is having ROLE_ADMIN privilege then it will have access to all the applications and the other user will not be considered, as Report Generator uses the registered USER and URL to login and generate reports.


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