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The aim of this document to describe how to monitor the space consumption in TEMPDB database For MicroSoft RDBMS while running anaman or AdgAdmin

Applicable in CAST Version

Prepare monitoring

  1. Before launching your process, connect to server hosting CAST data base(s) with Microsoft enterprise manager
  2. In Object browser, expand Databases > System Databases
  3. Right-click on tempdb database and select Properties. Following window will be displayed:
  4. Note the initial tempdb size in Size (Mb) and the free space in Sapce available (Mb)

Check the space consumption

  1. Run your process
  2. Refresh the Database Properties window
  3. Note current size and free space


Here the temp db properties before launching the task

The size = 8.50 MB
The Space Available= 6.84
>> The consumed space= 8.50MB – 6.84MB = 1.66MB
Here the temp db properties after launching Anaman and during SPA process

The size = 03.25 GB
The Space Available= 43.95 MB
>> The consumed space in tempdb = 03.25 GB – 43.95 MB = (03.25*1024)MB – 43.95MG=3284.05 MG = (3284.05/1024) GB= 3.207 GB
>> The consumed space in tempdb by the SPA = 3.2 GB - 1.66MB = 3.205 GB

Notes / Comments

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