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Applicable in CAST Version

To update statistics of a DB2 schema hosting a KB or Central Repository process as follow:

  1. Copy the attached batch file db2_stat_and_bind.bat to a temp directory on the machine hosting the DB2 server.
  2. Modify the first four lines of this file:
    <Database Alias> The database alias you have defined when registering the DB2 server.
    <user name> The database user, typically db2admin
    <password> The corresponding password
    <schema name> The name of the schema hosting the KB or Central Repository
  3. Launch the batch file from the command line.

For example on CAST support we proceed as follow :
<Database Alias>   Replace By DB2SUPP for the database on Pantagruel dedicated to Support
<user name> Replace By admindb2 for DB2SUPP
<password>  The corresponding password, e.g. meudon for admindb2 on DB2SUPP
<schema name> Replace By KB601_13199_LCO
The update usually takes less than one hour.

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