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To load a DB2 schema, you need to:

  • Create a schema which will handle the data: To do this, you should use server manager to create the CAST knowledge base or the CAST central site.
  • If the source folder, you should remove the msg file and export.out file. You keep only the .ixf and db2move.lst files.
  • Open the « db2move.lst » file with text editor and replace the schema name by the name of schema you already created by using server manager.
  • On the machine containing the DB2 server, open a CLP command line window (or a cmd command line window and type db2cmd)
  • Run the following command line :

db2move <schema_name> IMPORT -u <user> -p <password>
An import log file "IMPORT.out" will be created during the import. This file outlines the import steps.

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