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Purpose (problem description)

This page will help you to troubleshoot issues related to dynamic links that have lost their reviewed status after analysis.

Observed in CAST AIP
Observed on RDBMS
Step by Step Scenario
  1. Package an application and set as current version.
  2. Run Analysis.
  3. Run the Reference Pattern dependencies.
  4. Validate / Ignore the dynamic links.
  5. Run the analysis and Reference pattern dependencies.
  6. The Dynamic links are unignored / invalidated.
Action Plan
  1. Restore the previous local database.
  2. Identify one dynamic link that has been set to To be reviewed by comparing the Dynamic Link reviewed in the previous analysis, using the previous local database.
  3. In Enlighten, using the local database of the current version (where the Dynamic links are unreviewed), check the object ids of the caller object and the callee object (to display the objects and links ID push : CTRL + Shift + D + mouse Scroll up)

  4. Run the following query on both local database:

    SELECT * 
    FROM   acc 
    WHERE  idclr = <Caller ID> 
           AND idcle = <Called ID> 
           AND prop <> 0 

  5. If the IdAcc has changed, and if the idpro (project id) is the same, then it is a bug. Since the IdAcc has changed, the link is a new one, then it will be unreviewed per default:
    1. Check to which project the link is belonging by running the following query - SQL Queries - CAST Knowledge Base - Queries on Links - How to get the name of the project and the type of the project for a given link

    2. If the Type of Project is "Cast_ReferenceFinder_ProjectForLinks", then the link is created by Reference Pattern Dependencies. This is a bug fixed in CAST AIP 8.2.4.

    3. Else contact CAST Technical Support and provide the Relevant Input in order to investigate.

  6. If the IdAcc has not changed, check if the id_project has changed.
    1. If it has changed, it means that the links are resolved/created with a different tool or different Reference Pattern dependencies. Then, it is expected to get the links status set to "To be reviewed".
    2. If the project has changed, contact CAST Technical Support and provide the below Relevant Input in order to investigate.

Relevant Input

  • CAST Support Tool (CST) - alias Sherlock. Option to select : Export Source Code, Export CAST Database, Export logs, Export Configuration Files.

  • CAST Databases Backup of the previous analysis (with the Dynamic Links reviewed)
  • Screenshot showing example of dynamic links that were reviewed in the previous version and no more reviewed in the current version.

Ticket # 8662

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