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The objective of this page is to give information how to check the plugins installed in the Delivery folder

*Observed in CAST AIP
*Observed on RDBMS
Oracle Server(tick)
Microsoft SQL Server(tick)

Check in the CAST AIP Extensions > CAST AIP Extensions Documentation > CAST AIP Extensions, in the Release note of the Extension, check in the "CAST AIP compatibility" that the Extension version is supported by CAST AIP.

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There are 3 ways to check the version of the plugins installed in the delivery manager tool :

  1. You can check in the plugins folder what are the plugins used by the DMT and check that they are all listed in the Index.xml file :

  2. You can use the Extension Downloader, select the installed extension to list all the extension :

  3. If only the CAST Support Tool (Sherlock) has been provided what are the plugins installed in the DMT.

To install an extractor in the DMT, user need to copy this extractor in the Plugins folder that is in the Delivery folder as below example :

The Plugins folder is not retrieved by the Sherlock, only the Data folder is retrieved:

In the Sherlock output, the Data Folder is in : <Sherlock Folder>\ConfigurationFiles\Delivery folder.

In the Data Folder, the Plugins (so, extractor installed) are referenced in the *.entity.xml files as you can see below :

If you are checking for a specific extractor, look into this file the name of the extractor, the version is suffixed.

For Siebel Extractor

  1. Download the Siebel newest version using the extension downloader
  2. Get the Siebel plugin version of the downloaded version.
    1. To get the date, open the *mda file, unzip them and check the date of the JAR files
  3. Get the Siebel plugin version at the customer site
    1. To get the date, open the *mda file, unzip them and check the date of the JAR files
  4. If the JAR files date are different, replace the customer's with the newest.


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