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Problem Description

This error is common to some of the Analyzers (as reported till now for J2ee and Mainframe) where the analysis log contains SQL ERROR.
Error found on the log :

SQL Error: ERROR:  syntax error at or near "."
SQL Error: LINE 1: ... select convert(smalldatetime,crdate) from master..sysdataba....
SQL Error:                                                              ^ (Severity 1, Msg No 1).
SQL Error: ERROR:  current transaction is aborted, commands ignored until end of transaction block (Severity 1, Msg No 1).
Invalid value 1200 for T-SQL version!
Invalid value 1200 for T-SQL version: function call ignored!_histsqlresword(): Error - T-SQL version #759448096 given to this function is unhandled!

These errors however do not have any impact on the analysis.

Note:This error has been observed in 7.0.16 & 7.0.17 SP.

Applicable in CAST Version
Action Plan

We get the T-SQL error since the connection to server could not be established from the KB.

During the analysis, the KB tries to reach some of the synchronized databases but cannot connect to the server resulting in the mentioned error.
To resolve this error,

  1. Set the option "Show un-synchronized database or schemas" in the corresponding KB job as False.
  2. In case the error is still encountered after setting the option to false, we can ask the customer to provide the Sherlock zip file so that we can investigate on this further


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