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This page explains about  the behavior of DLM where it tries to find Dynamic links in external objects (For example: RT.Jar).

When executing the DLM in versions less than 7.3.9, you might come across the below error whereby DLM is trying to access the external objects. DLM is unable to extract so it raises the below error:

ERROR DynamicLinks main - Loading failed: System.NotSupportedException: The given path's format is not supported.
at System.IO.FileStream.Init(String path, FileMode mode, FileAccess access, Int32 rights, Boolean useRights, FileShare share, Int32 bufferSize, FileOptions options, SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES secAttrs, String msgPath, Boolean bFromProxy, Boolean useLongPath, Boolean checkHost)
at System.IO.FileStream..ctor(String path, FileMode mode, FileAccess access, FileShare share, Int32 bufferSize, FileOptions options, String msgPath, Boolean bFromProxy, Boolean useLongPath, Boolean checkHost)
at System.IO.StreamReader..ctor(String path, Encoding encoding, Boolean detectEncodingFromByteOrderMarks, Int32 bufferSize, Boolean checkHost) 

DLM was trying to read the external objects which actually does not contain any source code.

So DLM has been improved to exclude the external objects from the scope of the DLM.

For more information, refer to:

Observed in CAST AIP



Observed on RDBMS


Oracle Server (tick)
Microsoft SQL Server (tick)
CSS2 (tick)
Step by Step Scenario
Impact of the Problem

There is no impact because of this problem.


The behavior has been improved starting 7.3.9 whereby any external object will be excluded from the scope of the DLM.

The error received when any file is not accessible by the DLM, has been converted to a warning and will no longer block the execution of the DLM.

Since the external objects has no source code, as an improvement they have been excluded from the scope of the DLM.

Additional improvements done:

If any source file is analyzed but is then missing while reviewing the DLM, it will raise a warning instead of an error to point that the file is missing.

For example:

2016-05-03 07:53:30,974 [1] INFO DynamicLinks main - DynamicLinks.CLI.exe executeRules --ruleFile=DLMRule1.dlm.xml --profile=cb739_sbr_sb_mngt on CastStorageService _ CSS2SUP02:2280 –
2016-05-03 07:53:31,808 [1] INFO DynamicLinks main - Loading DLMRule1.dlm.xml
2016-05-03 07:53:44,714 [1] INFO DynamicLinks main - Loaded successfully 1 rule
2016-05-03 07:54:57,453 [1] INFO DynamicLinks main - 0% of rules have been executed
2016-05-03 07:54:57,493 [1] INFO DynamicLinks main - Profile: cb739_sbr_sb_mngt on CastStorageService _ CSS2SUP02:2280 - Application My Application
2016-05-03 07:54:57,496 [1] INFO DynamicLinks main - Executing rule Ruleoutprintln on scope My Application
2016-05-03 07:54:58,380 [1] WARN DynamicLinks main - Could not open file c:\5116\deploy\my application\my package\webcontent\jsp\showevent.jsp.

 This issue is fixed in 7.3.10 and 8.1.1 versions.
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