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This page will guide you to troubleshoot problems you may face while running the analysis. Any problem you may face while running the Analysis will be dealt in this space. 

For more information, refer to: 

Official documentation

Online-help : CAST Management Studio - Help > How To > Regular audience > Run analysis only

TKB page for INFORMATION GUIDE > Information Guides >  Information Guides by CAST AIP Component >  CMS Snapshot Analysis 

*Observed in CAST AIP


*Observed on RDBMS
Oracle Server (tick)
Microsoft SQL Server (tick)
CSS2 (tick)
Action Plan
  1. Check in the analysis log regarding the warnings, to find the analysis log path you can refer this page
  2. If the warnings are as below:

    2017-09-01 13:18:39.046244    Warning            MODULMSG ; Job execution     Cannot find ancestor of sum_for_infra.pbl.m_main_frame

    2017-09-01 13:18:39.223260    Warning            MODULMSG ; Job execution     Cannot find ancestor of sum_for_infra.pbl.m_main_frame
    Then it looks like the parent class is missing which is not present in the deploy folder, so check in the deploy folder if the parent class is present, if not then go to step 5.

  3. If the warnings are as below:
    Failed to parse xml file: :\Deploy\power_builder_test\Src\test_prod.pbt.Cast (File cannot be opened - S:\Deploy\power_builder_test\Src\test_prod.pbt.Cast (line=0, col=0))    or     PBExtractor.exe has stopped working
    Then it look like the analyzer is not able to open/parse the file with the help of power builder because of two reasons, either the power builder is not installed in the analysis machine or the licence of the power builder has been expired and has to be updated, after installing power builder you are still getting this message in analysis log please go to step 5.
  4. Select the section you are interested in:
  5. If the problem does not match any case listed in this page, contact CAST Technical Support with the Relevant Input to reproduce issue. 

Ticket # 10528

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