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This page will  guide you to troubleshoot the problem you may face while running the analysis. 

For more information, refer to: 

Official documentation

Online-help : CAST Management Studio - Help > How To > Regular audience > Run analysis only

TKB page for INFORMATION GUIDE > Information Guides >  Information Guides by CAST AIP Component >  CMS Snapshot Analysis 

Observed in CAST Extension
1.0 (tick)

*Observed on RDBMS
Oracle Server(tick)
Microsoft SQL Server(tick)
Action Plan

Perform the following steps:

  1. Select the page that you are interested in
  2. If you do not find the information you are looking for or solution for your problem,contact CAST Technical Support with the Relevant Input to reproduce issue. CAST Technical Support will reproduce the issue following CMS Snapshot Analysis - Run Analyzer - Information - How to reproduce user issues for Extension


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