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Purpose (problem description)

This page helps you troubleshoot issues when you encounter the following warning

2019-02-26 00:39:04.782362�    Information�    MODULMSG ; Job execution�    DOTNET.0053:Saving CastIL 
2019-02-26 00:39:04.788346�    Warning�    MODULMSG ; Job execution�    Erreur while saving generated code for <project_name>

This warning has as an impact that the castil file which are  used for to resolve .NET devirtualisation links and data flow analysis(when this is enabled) are not saved

Observed in CAST AIP
Observed on RDBMS
Step by Step scenario
  1. Package and deliver source code
  2. Run the analysis
Action Plan

Follow the step below to check why you are getting these warnings:

  1. Check if you have any tool (LINQPAD, Visual Studio) which is using the CASTIL file, which is present in LISA sub-folder that is used by the .NET analysis 
    1. If yes exit the tool and rerun the analysis
  2. Verify CMS installation and that you have all the expected read/write/execute errors on CMS and LISA folders
    1. Launch CMS/AIP Node as administrator and perform same action. If administrator mode works then this is an access issue and you will have to contact your IT
  3. If the issue still exists contact CAST Technical Support with Relevant input

Ticket # 14659

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