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This page will help you to solve problems related to Performance issues that occurs at the beginning of analysis step.

This occurs at the beginning of the run analyzer step. In the Analysis log file, the analysis is starting when the statement "About to run <Execution Unit>" is appearing as shown below:

Figure 1

*Observed in CAST AIP


8.0.x (tick)
7.3.x (tick)
*Observed on RDBMS
Oracle Server (tick)
Microsoft SQL Server (tick)
CSS2 (tick)
Step by Step scenario
  1. Package the source code
  2. Accept the Delivery
  3. Run the Analysis

Action Plan

During the beginning of analysis step,the analyzer checks for web descriptor files,application descriptor files,environment profiles,property files etc.

  1. If you are using Cast AIP 7.x (32-bit) : check the memory/disk space left

    If the AMT Traces have been activated, you can see in the AMT_memory.log the memory consumption, and in case of performance issue, you can check if there is passivation process as shown below. This process lead to performance issue and is due to memory leak.

    In such a case, solution is to increase the virtual memory by :

    1. Increasing the Memory to 3GB in a 32 bits machine as it is explained in the  Tools - How to increase the memory to 3GB page

    2. Use the CAST AIP 8.0.x that is a 64 bits version


      If it is not passivation issue,the issue may be due to a (or some) file(s). To identify the file, investigate by Dichotomy : Identify the type of file (first xml files, second html files, properties file, jsp files, then java files).

      Once you identify the file(s), remove/exclude it from the analysis.

  2. Check the RDBMS server performance issue

    Connect to the RDBMS Server and check if the memory consumption is very high and if the CPU usage is almost 100%. This could explain the performance issues during this phase. 

  3. Check for jar , xml and property files

    Check if there are huge number of jar,xml and property files included in each analysis units which are not needed for that analysis units, remove them.

    Ensure that you only include the ones which are needed for a particular unit.

    If those files are important for transactions, investigate by Dichotomy


  4. If the technology is Mainframe, then the analysis can get stuck if one of the analyzed files contains source code beyond column 72.
    Activating option 'Source code can be placed beyond column 72' in tab Analysis/Mainframe solves the above issue. (see official documentation CMS - Mainframe Technology options)


Ticket # 10439

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