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Purpose (problem description)

This guide gives the approach to troubleshoot missing or wrong / incorrect links between AngularJS objects.

Some syntaxes or patterns were not supported in early versions of the AngularJS Extension, which led to missing or wrong links.

This page provides a chart of those syntaxes, along with the version in which they were taken into account.


Observed in CAST Extension
AngularJS - 1.6(tick)
AngularJS - 1.5(tick)
AngularJS - 1.4(tick)
AngularJS - 1.3(tick)
AngularJS - 1.2(tick)
AngularJS - 1.1(tick)
AngularJS - 1.0(tick)


Observed on RDBMS
Oracle Server(tick)
Microsoft SQL Server(error)

Action Plan

  1. Select the issue you are interested in

    SyntaxExplanationSupported from VersionTicket Number
    ng-clickA javascript function is called from a HTML file, via AngularJS directive ng-click1.2.0-FuncRel8212


    templateURL: 'myFile.html',

    controller: myController


    Starting from 1.2.0.-FuncRel, a link will be created from HTML file recherche_dossier_modale.html to AngularJS Controller rechercheDossierCtrl

    Link from AngularJS method to Spring MVC Operation with dynamic URL

    Here the URL of the Spring MVC Operation is dynamic : it is based on a variable.

    Starting from version 1.2.0-FuncRel, the link will be created as the WebServices Linker will compare only the end of the URL with the Spring MVC Operation

    The function should only get linked to checklist. But it is getting linked to many JAX RS Get Operations as it is not picking up the whole url


    1.4.0 - Funcrel10390
  2.  If you encounter any other issues, contact CAST Technical Support. with the following Relevant Input.
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