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When you run the JEE analysis with Hibernate framework, Hibernate Entities were not created

*Observed in CAST AIP
Observed on RDBMS
Oracle Server(tick)
Microsoft SQL Server(tick)

Step by Step scenario

  1. Migrate the application from lower version to higher version.
  2. Run the analysis on migrated base.
  3. Open enlighten and check for the Hibernate Entity, there would not be any Hibernate entity created.

Action Plan

To troubleshoot this issue, you need the following Relevant input

Perform the below actions:

  1. Check in the deploy folder if the hibernate mapping file (*.hbm.xml) is present.
  2. If the hbm.xml files are present in the deploy folder then check in the CAST-MS configuration under the corresponding analysis unit if you have the entry/entries of the folder/files of the Hibernate entity files

  3. Check if the Hibernate version is properly configured in CAST-MS according to the version of hibernate used in the application. ,
    Hibernate version can be seen by opening *.hbm.xml file . Highlighted part in the below screenshot is the hibernate version.

  4. If the entry of the folder/ files are not present then we need to check in the DMT configuration if the JEE file discoverer is activated, check this page which will give you an information on JEE file discoverer.
  5. If the discoverer is not activated then you need to activate the JEE file discoverer and migrate again, else as a workaround you need to provide the path manually as shown in Figure 1 so that the hbm.xml files would be analyzed.
  6. If the issue is not about the above scenario, then contact CAST Technical Support with Relevant input.

Relevant Input

CAST Support Tool (CST) - alias Sherlock by checking Export bases, Export logs, Export Configuration files and export source code. 

Impact on Analysis and Snapshot

Impact : Hibernate Entity objects will not be created

After applying the work around : Hibernate Entity objects will be created


Ticket # 9339
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