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This page explains how to validate in CAST AIP documentation the expected objects and links.

Applicable in CAST Version

Applicable RDBMS
Oracle Server(tick)
Microsoft SQL Server(tick)

In order to find out if an object or link is EXPECTED or NOT EXPECTED, retrieve the information about supported objects and links for the relevant CAST AIP version and the various supported technologies in the official documentation.

  1. For the core CAST AIP analyzers the relevant pages for each technology can be found (for example of CAST AIP 8.2) in Supported Technologies. Take for instance J2EE technologies or .NET technology pages, where you can find more information concerning the expected links and objects for the various supported frameworks. You can also find information for each technology in Objects and Links Guide
  2. For CAST AIP extensions the relevant pages for each officially supported extension can be found in CAST AIP Extensions documentation. There are examples of expected objects and links in each extension page, see for example HTML5 and JavaScript or SQL Analyzer pages
  3. You should also search in Known Issues and Vulnerabilities for the affected version to detect if there is a known issue concerning the creation of objects and links. Some of the technology or extension pages can also contain information for known limitations and possible workarounds, for example as in the case of PHP 2.0 - Functional Limitations or WCF support for Csharp and VB.NET - 1.3


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