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Purpose (problem description)

This page provides solution to the error message - "Null value in column 'parameter name' violates non-null constraint" on IN_<Table_Name>, which occurs during run analyzer, before the Saving Step.

In the screenshot above the error is null value in column "parameter_name" violates not-null constraint.The IN table involved in IN_PARAMETERS.

Note that the IN Table are cleaned at the end of the analysis, even if it is failing with a Fatal error or a crash.

Observed in CAST AIP


Observed on RDBMS
Oracle Server(tick)
Microsoft SQL Server(tick)

Step by Step scenario

  • In DMT, package an application source code and deliver.
  • Set as current version.
  • Run the analysis : It is failing with a fatal error.
Action Plan
  1. Open the analysis log file and search for the error message.
  2. Check in the below pages if the error message is already handled - That means the column and table is listed below.
  3. If the error message is not listed in the above pages : from the analysis log file, keep the name of the column and the IN_table. We can take as an example, the following log file :

    1. In the example the column name is parameter_name and the table name is IN_PARAMETERS.
    2. Change the definition of the table IN_PARAMETERS to make the column_parameter_name not constraints to Not-NULL value :
      1. Open PGAdmin and select the local database for which the analysis is failing, and search for the table IN_PARAMETERS. The standard definition is as below :

      2. Change the definition of the column parameter_name to remove the NOT NULL Constraints.

        alter table <YOUR_LOCAL_DB>.in_parameters
        alter column parameter_name drop NOT NULL
    3. Activate the Saving IN_TABLE debug mode to save the value of the data of the analysis. To activate this debug mode, follow the page CMS Snapshot Analysis - Run Analyzer - Information - AMT Saving debug mode - How to get the IN Tables from the End User

    4. Run the analysis. The analysis must not fail due to this error. Once the analysis is executed open PGAdmin and check that the table named SAVIn_Parameters exists. If it does not exist, the AMT debug mode is not activated. If it exists, run the following query on your local database.

      select k.idkey, k.keynam, rp.path 
      	from Keys k
      	join ObjFilRef obr 
      		on k.idkey = obr.idobj
      	join RefPath rp
      		on rp.idfilref = obr.idfilref
      	where k.idkey in 
      		        (select object_id
      				from SAVIn_Parameters
      					where parameter_name is NULL)


    5. Remove the files that have been shown in the query results from the Deployment Folder and send them to CAST Technical Support in order to understand the root cause of the fatal error.
    6. Deactivate the Saving IN Table debug mode as described in the page : Deactivate the Saving Mode and disable the ByPass for the Saving Step (CSS)
    7. Modify the definition of the IN_PARAMETERS as it was in standard definition.

      alter table <Your Local DB>.in_parameters
      alter column parameter_name set NOT NULL
    8. Run the analysis Again.

  4. If the above points do not help you to resolve the issue, contact CAST Technical Support and provide the below Relevant Input to help CAST Technical Support team to reproduce the issue.

Relevant Input

  1. Sherlock Output with Export Database Dumps, Export Logs, Export Configuration files. It is required to activate the Export Source Code option.  
  2. Screenshot showing the issue in CAST MS task and in Analysis Log file.

Ticket # 6780

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