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While running an analysis of an application, it can be any technology, sometimes you may encounter the below error during the saving phase of the analysis:

2020-08-27 16:53:02.870145 MODULMSG; Job execution Comparing objects on the server . . .
2020-08-27 16:58:15.056510 Error MODULMSG ; Job execution Procedure call failed: ?test_application_new_local.CACHE_PROCESSID,I_IDSESSION,I_IDUSRPRO
2020-08-27 16:58:15.150023 Error MODULMSG ; Job execution Error executing actions. Error message: Analysis saving could not be finalized

Observed in CAST AIP



Observed on RDBMS



Oracle Server(tick)
Microsoft SQL Server(tick)
Action Plan

Perform the following steps:

  1. Check first whether the analysis is performed in a supported way. Go to Supported platform and covered technologies that are in the CAST documentation Release Note. For instance, for 8.3 :
    1. The supported platform is described in Supported Platforms
    2. Covered technologies are described in Covered Technologies
  2. Check the deploy folder, whether you have the path of the source file on the file system,
    1. Check if it is more than 600 characters (limit of AMT_saving), if yes then this issue is fixed in CAST AIP 8.3.20
    2. if you cannot upgrade, run the attached query in your local base as a workaround. 
  3. Ask for the Postgres log for the same timeline when you see this error in the analysis log, This page can help you to get the log path: SQL Queries - Common SQL Queries - How to get postgres log files
  4. Once you have the Postgres log, check the log for the same timeline if you have any warning/error like below:
    2019-12-13 01:14:31 CET [4724]: [6-1] STATEMENT:  Select * from fis_3_local.CACHE_PROCESSID ( $1,$2 )
    2019-12-13 01:14:33 CET [4992]: [523-1] LOG:  checkpoint starting: time
    2019-12-13 01:14:40 CET [4724]: [7-1] ERROR:  could not extend file "base/12401/t43_496595": No space left on device
    2019-12-13 01:14:40 CET [4724]: [8-1] HINT:  Check free disk space.
  5. If you get the error message like above clear some disk spaces in your DB server and run the analysis again.
  6. If the above steps did not help, run the below query in your local base and run the analysis again to get the IN_tables and contact CAST Technical Support with the backup of the local base and Postgres log as mentioned in Step 3

    select DBG_SavingSetActivation ('AMT','ON');

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